Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mystery revealed!

My Iowa quilt guild, Scrap Happy Quilt Guild has recently had the reveal of our 2009 mystery quilt. Before I construct each of my quilts, I create them in Electric Quilt 6. I search for the fabrics I plan to use, draw the block pattern, create the layout and insert virtual fabrics into the blocks and borders. I know what my quilt will look like--before I make it. And I change many details until I get exactly the look I like. Above is the EQ6 drawing of the quilt as I expected it to be...and below is (the poorly edited photo of) the top I pieced.

Do you have any mysteries in your life?

Amberly and Trey celebrate Independence Day

Many things happen at a Independence Day celebration party. We had delicious potluck dishes and homemade ice cream, we had thunder and lightning, we had a firepit and a dog running in circles barking at our fireworks and we had a visiting adopted baby goat.
Trey's mother and two siblings (he was a triplet) died soon after he was born in May, 2009. Amberly and Derek rescued him by choosing to bottle feed him every four hours for several weeks. Trey runs to them when they call, follows them around the farm, walks on a leash, and cries and calls to them whenever he is not near them or they leave in their car. After we were introduced and he was returned to his pen, we witnessed his ongoing cries for them from his pen 100 feet away. He has nearly two dozen other goats in his "herd", but they didn't and don't feed him that bottle daily. Amberly and Derek will be celebrating their second wedding anniversary next week. Little Trey (named because he was a triplet) is their first kid.