Sunday, January 11, 2015

Great progress on Civil War series of quilts...

My plan is to name each my Civil War quilts after a battle
my great-grandfather, Jacob Buck fought in
during the War Between the States.

With the help of my sisters,
Deb Corcoran and Judy Steeve, 
Gettysburg, the Civil War modified rail fence quilt
shown on my last blog, is completed.
Deb helped me pin it on Leticia,
our Gammill Classic Statler Stitcher. 
 I used the Goose Down pattern
designed by Dave Dennis.  
Judy helped me square it off.  
I prepared the binding and sleeve
and attached them to the quilt.  
Now Judy is whipping down the binding and sleeve.  
I so appreciate their help so
I can get so many quilts completed.  

* * * * * * * *

When I saw this photo (above) 
in a Country Living magazine years ago, 
I knew I would be making it some day, 
so I ripped it out and placed it in my 
"Interesting quilts" file. 
 I decided it would be a unique one 
using Civil War fabrics 
and solid "School Bus orange", red and pink. 
This one (below) is still unnamed.

I used Electric Quilt to design it
to my preference--the 100" x 100" size
and determine fabric yardage needed.

 My family is not enamored with it, 
but I really like it.  
I'll have a better photo after it is quilted.  
I think I nailed the original, don't you?  

* * * * * * * *

Bobbin (below) in her felted wool cat cave.

Well, Bobbin, my mackerel tabby cat 
is giving me the "stink eye" 
as she is ready for "us" 
to go to bed as it is after 11 p.m.  
I can't wait to start 
another Civil War quilt tomorrow.

Hope you are staying warm
during our cold snap.