Thursday, May 1, 2008

I went to a delightful quilt show at the Glenwood Historical Museum in Glenwood, Iowa. They had arranged 150 quilts around the museum. Most were quite old.
The three "Grandmother's Flower Garden" quilts are grouped together on the museum "front porch" display area.
Mary Lou Hoerner Pitzner shared stories about several quilts from her family. The green "Star" quilt was made by members of her family in the late 1800's.
The green and white quilt was one of four made for sisters by Hazel Deacon in the 1970's. Each one was a different color.
So many lovely quilts were shared by active members of the Museum. I hope you enjoyed seeing a few lovely quilts, too.
Seek beauty inside and outside this week. Our world is bursting with colors right now. Enjoy!


This is Addison. Her mother, my niece Julie Wainwright, took this enchanting picture. Needless to say, she is not always this angelic, but she is our girly girl and so very sweet.
I babysat for Addison the other day. For a dinner snack, she preferred the Ritz crackers, would eat some cheese, but had no interest in the carrots, potatoes and smoked sausage I had carefully cut into pieces. I found it necessary to keep a hand on the plate as I could see in her eyes that (once she had eaten all the Ritz crackers) she had a mind to tip that plate over on the floor. Since I stopped that action, she just picked up a carrot or potato and dropped it over the side of the table....and then watched for my reaction. Not being a parent, I was shocked. After she did it two more times, I got out the pudding and after spooning it to her, the meal was done. I loved her devilish little smile, but she still looked like a little angel.
I hope you see an angel this week, too.


I have now surpassed my previous deviled egg record of 3 dozen. This time I boiled and filled 9 dozen deviled eggs. You may not be able to tell in this picture, but I used a cake decorating tip and a gallon freezer baggie to fill the 216 halves. When I was done, the tip end was splayed out from pushing the pickle relish through the opening. They were sure yummy (if I do say so myself). The 140 guests ate 7 1/2 dozen (180 of the 216 eggs) and the rest were divided up by the servers and taken home.
The occasion was a benefit to raise funds to help with the medical bills for my 19-month-old great niece, Addison. She had recently been diagnosed with epilepsy. Family and friends prepared and served sloppy joes plus extras and we had a great time working together.
I hope you have enjoyed time with friends and family lately.