Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The highs and lows of learning curves

Well, I’ve cooled down. After my enlightening classes at the Machine Quilting Showcase in Overland Park, Kansas I wrote a long and detailed blog. Then being a blog neophyte, I lost the entry. So I walked away until now.

So here's "the skinny". I had a wonderful time.
I stayed with my quilting friend, Mary Enright and also visited friends in the home office of my former employer, Zurich. I reconnected with my NWMSU college friends, Jim and Sue Sjolin Druen. Sue took Susan Rothchilds (a fellow machine quilting student from El Paso, Texas) and me to the Truman Library. What a lovely day! Now on to the four days of classes.
What amazing quilts and ideas! The photo above shows that the teacher drew a vertical line of hearts and then quilted feathers on opposite sides. How unusual.

The quilt at left was in the quilt show. I can't imagine doing trapunto, but I was fascinated with the different background quilting. What lovely workmanship! Check out those quilted circles.

At right the quilter surrounded each Evening Star block with petals and then filled the "between" area with unique stitching in each block.

The quilts in the show varied from formal to playful. There was a special exhibit of a dozen black and white identical wall quilts. The first was was unquilted. To reveal the importance of machine quilting, each of the others was quilted in a unique way.

Blogging is exhausting for a neophyte. It's almost 1 a.m. and my goal of going to bed before midnight has not been met.

Enjoy our break in the warm weather. And do some quilting if you can.

Night, night.

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