Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Special Trip Around the Midwest completed!

In 2005 I retired and moved 
from Buffalo Grove, Illinois to Clarinda, Iowa.
The relocation went well, 
but I really missed my church and quilting friends from Illinois.

In 2007 
my friends Cindy Kiel, Lenor Davis, Glenda Foley, 
Carmen Talbott and Beth Carroll 
drove in to Clarinda from their homes in
 Illinois, Oklahoma and Kansas to visit me.
We talked and quilted for four days and 
all went to the Praise Band service on Sunday at 
the Clarinda First United Methodist Church. 

Before they left, they gave me a gift of several fabrics 
and I added some of my stash
and made a quilt using the Trip Around the World pattern
to remember their visit.

I machine quilted it and my sister Judy Steeve 
just whipped the binding down.
Thank you, Judy!

Lovely fabrics....great friends....
Special Trip Around the Midwest!

* * * * * * * *   

My sister Deb Corcoran came today 
and helped me pin on another Civil War quilt.
Thank you, Deb!
Last night when I was choosing one to quilt, 
I found I had two (almost) identical  108" square quilts.
It appears I forgot I already made one 
from my "to do" list and remade it. 

Well, I really do like the pattern!

When they are both done, I'll send pictures. 
I can't believe I forgot I made two almost exactly alike.
(I do remember being grumpy 
because I was almost out of fabric.)  

Hope you don't do that...unless you want to.


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